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Lotro Armor

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Amarthbadanir Amarthbadanir

0Legs Armor90

Avornhar Avornhar

0Head Armor50

Exquisite Outriders Armour Exquisite Outriders Armour

27Chest Armor65

Exquisite Outriders Boots Exquisite Outriders Boots

27Feet Armor50

Exquisite Outriders Gloves Exquisite Outriders Gloves

27Hands Armor50

Exquisite Outriders Shoulder Guards Exquisite Outriders Shoulder Guards

27Shoulder Armor50

Exquisite Travellers Gloves Exquisite Travellers Gloves

27Hands Armor30

Exquisite Travellers Hat Exquisite Travellers Hat

27Head Armor35

Exquisite Travellers Leggings Exquisite Travellers Leggings

27Legs Armor40

Exquisite Travellers Shoes Exquisite Travellers Shoes

27Feet Armor30

Exquisite Travellers Shoulder Guards Exquisite Travellers Shoulder Guards

27Shoulder Armor35

Fine Outriders Armour Fine Outriders Armour

27Chest Armor65

Fine Outriders Boots Fine Outriders Boots

27Feet Armor50

Fine Outriders Gloves Fine Outriders Gloves

27Hands Armor490

Fine Outriders Helm Fine Outriders Helm

27Head Armor50

Fine Outriders Leggings Fine Outriders Leggings

27Legs Armor65

Fine Outriders Shoulder Guards Fine Outriders Shoulder Guards

27Shoulder Armor50

Fine Travellers Armour Fine Travellers Armour

27Chest Armor35

Fine Travellers Cap Fine Travellers Cap

27Head Armor35

Fine Travellers Gloves Fine Travellers Gloves

27Hands Armor30

Fine Travellers Leggings Fine Travellers Leggings

27Legs Armor40

Fine Travellers Shoes Fine Travellers Shoes

27Feet Armor30

Fine Travellers Shoulder Guards Fine Travellers Shoulder Guards

27Shoulder Armor35

Forge-crafted Boots Forge-crafted Boots

21Feet Armor65

Forge-crafted Helm Forge-crafted Helm

21Head Armor90

Forge-crafted Large Shield Forge-crafted Large Shield

20Off hand Armor100

Gauntlets of Westmarch Gauntlets of Westmarch

13Hands Armor50

Gloves of Tuckborough Gloves of Tuckborough

14Hands Armor30

Gondracs Mantle Gondracs Mantle

0Back Armor40

Hardened Bronze Boots Hardened Bronze Boots

15Feet Armor65

Hardened Bronze Gloves Hardened Bronze Gloves

15Hands Armor65

Hardened Bronze Leggings Hardened Bronze Leggings

15Legs Armor90

Heavy Forge-crafted Kite Shield Heavy Forge-crafted Kite Shield

17Off hand Armor100

Helm of Osgiliath Helm of Osgiliath

23Head Armor90

Helthail Helthail

0Feet Armor65

Lainthol Lainthol

0Head Armor90

Leggings of the Mark Leggings of the Mark

14Legs Armor65

Loose Linen Armour Loose Linen Armour

16Chest Armor35

Loose Linen Gloves Loose Linen Gloves

16Hands Armor30

Loose Linen Hood Loose Linen Hood

16Head Armor35

Loose Linen Shoes Loose Linen Shoes

16Feet Armor30

Loose Linen Shoulder Guards Loose Linen Shoulder Guards

16Shoulder Armor35

Luth-feld Luth-feld

0Back Armor40

Narchol Narchol

0Back Armor40

Rianham Rianham

0Chest Armor95

Shield of the Stalwart Tower Shield of the Stalwart Tower

10Off hand Armor90

Stout Cloth Armor Stout Cloth Armor

7Chest Armor35

Stout Cloth Armor Stout Cloth Armor

7Chest Armor

Stout Cloth Gloves Stout Cloth Gloves

7Hands Armor30

Stout Cloth Hat Stout Cloth Hat

7Head Armor35
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