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WoW - Quests

Assault on the KolkarAssault on the Kolkar

Warug32 DesolaceBroken Tears

Barbaric Battlements (Blacksmithing)Barbaric Battlements (Blacksmithing)

Orokk Omosh32 Orgrimmar

Battle of HillsbradBattle of Hillsbrad

High Executor Darthalia32 Hillsbrad Foothills

Call to ArmsCall to Arms

Drum Fel32 Arathi HighlandsCall to Arms

Defeat Nekrosh (Group)Defeat Nekrosh (Group)

Captain Stoutfist32 Wetlands

Farrens ProofFarrens Proof

Lieutenant Farren Orinelle32 Hillsbrad FoothillsFarren's Proof

Farrens ProofFarrens Proof

Lieutenant Farren Orinelle32 Hillsbrad FoothillsFarren's Proof

Farrens ProofFarrens Proof

Marshal Redpath32 Hillsbrad FoothillsStormwind Ho!

Insane DruidsInsane Druids

Kayneth Stillwind32 Ashenvale

Investigate the CampInvestigate the Camp

Krazek32 Stranglethorn Vale

Malins RequestMalins Request

Archmage Malin32 Stormwind CityWorth Its Weight in Gold

Morbent Fel (Group)Morbent Fel (Group)

Sven Yorgen32 Duskwood

Never Again!Never Again!

Vindicator Vedaar32 Ashenvale

Never Again!Never Again!

VelushaCategory:Ashenvale32 Ashenvale

On Iron PauldronsOn Iron Pauldrons

Orokk Omosh32 Orgrimmar

Raid on the KolkarRaid on the Kolkar

Uthek the Wise32 DesolaceStealing Supplies


Lieutenant Farren Orinelle32 Hillsbrad Foothills

Regthar DeathgateRegthar Deathgate

Krusk32 Hillsbrad FoothillsThe Kolkar of Desolace

Satyr Slaying!Satyr Slaying!

Illiyana32 Ashenvale

Stone TokensStone Tokens

Keeper Bel'varil32 Hillsbrad FoothillsBracers of Binding

Stormwind Ho!Stormwind Ho!

Lieutenant Farren Orinelle32 Hillsbrad FoothillsReassignment

Supplies to Private ThorsenSupplies to Private Thorsen

Krazek32 Stranglethorn Vale

The Branch of CenariusThe Branch of Cenarius

Anilia32 Ashenvale

The Hammer May FallThe Hammer May Fall

Tallow32 Hillsbrad FoothillsCall to Arms

The Kolkar of DesolaceThe Kolkar of Desolace

Regthar Deathgate32 The BarrensCentaur Bounty

Vile Satyr! Dryads in Danger!Vile Satyr! Dryads in Danger!

Illiyana32 AshenvaleThe Branch of Cenarius

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