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WoW - Quests

A Disturbing DevelopmentA Disturbing Development

36 Durotar

An Unholy AllianceAn Unholy Alliance

Varimathras36 The Undercity

An Unholy AllianceAn Unholy Alliance

Durable Cape of the OwlCategory:Razorfen Downs36 Stonetalon MountainsAn Unholy Alliance

An Unusual PatronAn Unusual Patron

36 Stranglethorn Vale

Blackmoores LegacyBlackmoores Legacy

Gol'dir36 Hillsbrad FoothillsLord Aliden Perenolde

Claim Rackmores Treasure!Claim Rackmores Treasure!

Rackmore's LogCategory:Desolace36 Desolace

Cleansing Witch HillCleansing Witch Hill

36 Durotar

Crushridge BountyCrushridge Bounty

Marshal Redpath36 Hillsbrad FoothillsCrushridge Warmongers

Delivery to the GnomesDelivery to the Gnomes

Kravel Koalbeard36 Thousand NeedlesThe Rumormonger

Dream Dust in the SwampDream Dust in the Swamp

Krazek36 Stranglethorn ValeRumors for Kravel

Final PassageFinal Passage

Parqual Fintallas36 Thousand Needles


Krusk36 Hillsbrad FoothillsBlackmoore's Legacy

Hints of a New Plague?Hints of a New Plague?

Quae36 Arathi HighlandsHints of a New Plague?

Hints of a New Plague?Hints of a New Plague?

Quae36 Arathi HighlandsHints of a New Plague?

Horns of Frenzy (Blacksmithing)Horns of Frenzy (Blacksmithing)

Orokk Omosh36 Orgrimmar

Hostile TakeoverHostile Takeover

Kebok36 Stranglethorn Vale


Mudcrush Durtfeet36 Dustwallow Marsh

Is it Real?Is it Real?

36 Durotar

Joys of Omosh (Blacksmithing)Joys of Omosh (Blacksmithing)

Orokk Omosh36 Orgrimmar

Noble DeathsNoble Deaths

Magistrate Henry Maleb36 Hillsbrad Foothills

Other Fish to FryOther Fish to Fry

Drulzegar Skraghook36 Desolace

Parts for KravelParts for Kravel

Wharfmaster Dizzywig36 The BarrensDelivery to the Gnomes

Power StonesPower Stones

Rigglefuzz36 Badlands

Raptor MasteryRaptor Mastery

Hemet Nesingwary Jr.36 Stranglethorn ValeRaptor Mastery

Rumors for KravelRumors for Kravel

Krazek36 Stranglethorn ValeBack to Booty Bay

Some Assembly RequiredSome Assembly Required

Drizzlik36 Stranglethorn ValeExcelsior

Test of LoreTest of Lore

Parqual Fintallas36 The UndercityTest of Lore

The Defense of GromgolThe Defense of Gromgol

Commander Aggro'gosh36 Stranglethorn ValeThe Defense of Grom'gol

The Hermit of Swamplight ManorThe Hermit of Swamplight Manor

36 Durotar

The Missing DiplomatThe Missing Diplomat

Archmage Tervosh36 Dustwallow MarshThe Missing Diplomat

The RumormongerThe Rumormonger

Kravel Koalbeard36 Thousand NeedlesDream Dust in the Swamp

The Witchs BaneThe Witchs Bane

36 Durotar

To Steal From ThievesTo Steal From Thieves

Genavie Callow36 The Undercity

Trampled Under Foot (Blacksmithing)Trampled Under Foot (Blacksmithing)

Orokk Omosh36 Orgrimmar

Wharfmaster DizzywigWharfmaster Dizzywig

Kravel Koalbeard36 Thousand NeedlesParts for Kravel

Worth Its Weight in GoldWorth Its Weight in Gold

Apprentice Kryten36 Arathi HighlandsWand over Fist

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