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WoW Leatherworking

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Pattern: Red Whelp Gloves Pattern: Red Whelp Gloves

19Hands RecipesVendor

Pattern: Redeemed Soul Cinch Pattern: Redeemed Soul Cinch

70Waist RecipesVendor

Pattern: Redeemed Soul Legguards Pattern: Redeemed Soul Legguards

70Legs RecipesVendor

Pattern: Redeemed Soul Mocassins Pattern: Redeemed Soul Mocassins

70Feet RecipesVendor

Pattern: Redeemed Soul Wristguards Pattern: Redeemed Soul Wristguards

70Wrist RecipesVendor

Pattern: Reinforced Mining Bag Pattern: Reinforced Mining Bag

0 RecipesVendor

Pattern: Riding Crop Pattern: Riding Crop

69Trinket RecipesVendor

Pattern: Runic Leather Headband Pattern: Runic Leather Headband

53Head RecipesVendor

Pattern: Sandstalker Bracers Pattern: Sandstalker Bracers

57Wrist RecipesVendor

Pattern: Sandstalker Breastplate Pattern: Sandstalker Breastplate

57Chest RecipesVendor

Pattern: Sandstalker Gauntlets Pattern: Sandstalker Gauntlets

57Hands RecipesVendor

Pattern: Shadowskin Gloves Pattern: Shadowskin Gloves

35Hands RecipesVendor

Pattern: Spitfire Bracers Pattern: Spitfire Bracers

57Wrist RecipesVendor

Pattern: Spitfire Breastplate Pattern: Spitfire Breastplate

57Chest RecipesVendor

Pattern: Spitfire Gauntlets Pattern: Spitfire Gauntlets

57Hands RecipesVendor

Pattern: Stormshroud Pants Pattern: Stormshroud Pants

50Legs RecipesVendor

Pattern: Timbermaw Brawlers Pattern: Timbermaw Brawlers

59Hands RecipesVendor

Pattern: Turtle Scale Gloves Pattern: Turtle Scale Gloves

36Hands RecipesVendor, Drop

Pattern: Vindicators Armor Kit Pattern: Vindicators Armor Kit

55 Recipes

Pattern: Vindicators Armor Kit Pattern: Vindicators Armor Kit

55 Recipes

Pattern: Waistguard of Shackled Souls Pattern: Waistguard of Shackled Souls

70Waist RecipesVendor

Pattern: Warbear Harness Pattern: Warbear Harness

50Chest RecipesVendor, Drop

Pattern: Warbear Woolies Pattern: Warbear Woolies

52Legs RecipesVendor

Pattern: Wicked Leather Gauntlets Pattern: Wicked Leather Gauntlets

47Hands RecipesVendor
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