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WoW Plate

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Chestguard of Illumination Chestguard of Illumination

63Chest ArmorDrop

Chestplate of Adal Chestplate of Adal

0Chest ArmorQuest

Chimaerascale Legplates Chimaerascale Legplates

68Legs ArmorDrop

Chitinous Plate Legguards Chitinous Plate Legguards

56Legs ArmorDrop

Consortium Plated Legguards Consortium Plated Legguards

0Legs ArmorQuest

Consortium Plated Legguards Consortium Plated Legguards

0Legs ArmorQuest

Corpselight Greaves Corpselight Greaves

57Feet ArmorDrop

Cover of Righteous Fury Cover of Righteous Fury

0Head ArmorQuest

Cragfists Cragfists

40Hands ArmorDrop

Cragfists of Healing Cragfists of Healing

40Hands ArmorDrop

Cragfists of Power Cragfists of Power

40Hands ArmorDrop

Cragfists of Strength Cragfists of Strength

40Hands ArmorDrop

Cragfists of the Bear Cragfists of the Bear

40Hands ArmorDrop

Cragfists of the Boar Cragfists of the Boar

40Hands ArmorDrop

Cragfists of the Eagle Cragfists of the Eagle

40Hands ArmorDrop

Cragfists of the Gorilla Cragfists of the Gorilla

40Hands ArmorDrop

Cragfists of the Monkey Cragfists of the Monkey

40Hands ArmorDrop

Cragfists of the Tiger Cragfists of the Tiger

40Hands ArmorDrop

Cragfists of the Whale Cragfists of the Whale

40Hands ArmorDrop

Crimson Beholder Eye Crimson Beholder Eye

68Head ArmorDrop

Crimsonforge Breastplate Crimsonforge Breastplate

70Chest ArmorDrop

Crocolisk Scale Vambraces Crocolisk Scale Vambraces

63Wrist ArmorDrop

Crocolisk Scale Vambraces Crocolisk Scale Vambraces

63Wrist ArmorDrop

Crusaders Ornamented Chestplate Crusaders Ornamented Chestplate

70Chest Armor

Crusaders Ornamented Gloves Crusaders Ornamented Gloves

70Hands Armor

Crusaders Ornamented Headguard Crusaders Ornamented Headguard

70Head Armor

Crusaders Ornamented Leggings Crusaders Ornamented Leggings

70Legs Armor

Crusaders Ornamented Spaulders Crusaders Ornamented Spaulders

70Shoulder Armor

Crusaders Scaled Chestpiece Crusaders Scaled Chestpiece

70Chest ArmorVendor

Crusaders Scaled Gauntlets Crusaders Scaled Gauntlets

70Hands Armor

Crusaders Scaled Helm Crusaders Scaled Helm

70Head Armor

Crusaders Scaled Legguards Crusaders Scaled Legguards

70Legs Armor

Crusaders Scaled Shoulders Crusaders Scaled Shoulders

70Shoulder Armor

Crystal Encrusted Greaves Crystal Encrusted Greaves

0Feet Armor

Crystal Lined Greaves Crystal Lined Greaves

0Feet Armor

Dark Iron Plate Dark Iron Plate

54Chest ArmorRecipe

Darkrune Breastplate Darkrune Breastplate

58Chest ArmorRecipe

Darkrune Gauntlets Darkrune Gauntlets

58Hands ArmorRecipe

Darkrune Helm Darkrune Helm

58Head ArmorRecipe

Darksoul Breastplate Darksoul Breastplate

60Chest ArmorRecipe

Darksoul Leggings Darksoul Leggings

60Legs ArmorRecipe

Darksoul Shoulders Darksoul Shoulders

60Shoulder ArmorRecipe

Dauntless Handguards Dauntless Handguards

0Hands ArmorQuest

Dawnbringer Shoulders Dawnbringer Shoulders

53Shoulder ArmorRecipe

Death Grips Death Grips

57Hands ArmorDrop

Death Knight Sabatons Death Knight Sabatons

54Feet ArmorDrop

Deathbone Chestplate Deathbone Chestplate

56Chest ArmorDrop

Deathbone Gauntlets Deathbone Gauntlets

56Hands ArmorDrop

Deathbone Girdle Deathbone Girdle

56Waist ArmorDrop

Deathbone Legguards Deathbone Legguards

56Legs ArmorDrop
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