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WoW Recipes

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Pattern: Wild Leather Cloak Pattern: Wild Leather Cloak

45Back LeatherworkingQuest

Pattern: Wild Leather Helmet Pattern: Wild Leather Helmet

40Head LeatherworkingQuest

Pattern: Wild Leather Leggings Pattern: Wild Leather Leggings

45Legs LeatherworkingQuest

Pattern: Wild Leather Shoulders Pattern: Wild Leather Shoulders

39Shoulder LeatherworkingQuest

Pattern: Wild Leather Vest Pattern: Wild Leather Vest

40Chest LeatherworkingQuest

Pattern: Wizardweave Leggings Pattern: Wizardweave Leggings

50Legs TailoringDrop

Pattern: Wizardweave Robe Pattern: Wizardweave Robe

55Chest TailoringDrop

Pattern: Wizardweave Turban Pattern: Wizardweave Turban

56Head TailoringDrop

Plans: Barbaric Iron Boots Plans: Barbaric Iron Boots

31Feet BlacksmithingQuest

Plans: Barbaric Iron Breastplate Plans: Barbaric Iron Breastplate

27Chest BlacksmithingQuest

Plans: Barbaric Iron Gloves Plans: Barbaric Iron Gloves

32Hands BlacksmithingQuest

Plans: Barbaric Iron Helm Plans: Barbaric Iron Helm

30Head BlacksmithingQuest

Plans: Barbaric Iron Shoulders Plans: Barbaric Iron Shoulders

27Shoulder BlacksmithingQuest

Plans: Blazing Rapier Plans: Blazing Rapier

51One-Hand BlacksmithingQuest

Plans: Blue Glittering Axe Plans: Blue Glittering Axe

39One-Hand BlacksmithingDrop

Plans: Copper Chain Vest Plans: Copper Chain Vest

5Chest BlacksmithingQuest, Drop, Fishing

Plans: Dark Iron Mail Plans: Dark Iron Mail

51Chest BlacksmithingDrop

Plans: Dark Iron Shoulders Plans: Dark Iron Shoulders

53Shoulder BlacksmithingDrop

Plans: Dazzling Mithril Rapier Plans: Dazzling Mithril Rapier

43Main Hand BlacksmithingDrop

Plans: Deadly Bronze Poniard Plans: Deadly Bronze Poniard

20One-Hand BlacksmithingDrop

Plans: Edge of Winter Plans: Edge of Winter

33Main Hand BlacksmithingDrop

Plans: Enchanted Battlehammer Plans: Enchanted Battlehammer

51Two-Hand BlacksmithingQuest

Plans: Frost Tiger Blade Plans: Frost Tiger Blade

35Two-Hand BlacksmithingDrop

Plans: Gemmed Copper Gauntlets Plans: Gemmed Copper Gauntlets

10Hands BlacksmithingDrop

Plans: Gemmed Copper Gauntlets Plans: Gemmed Copper Gauntlets

10Hands BlacksmithingDrop

Plans: Goblin Rocket Boots Plans: Goblin Rocket Boots

0Feet Book

Plans: Golden Iron Destroyer Plans: Golden Iron Destroyer

29Two-Hand BlacksmithingDrop

Plans: Golden Scale Cuirass Plans: Golden Scale Cuirass

35Chest BlacksmithingDrop

Plans: Golden Scale Gauntlets Plans: Golden Scale Gauntlets

36Hands BlacksmithingQuest

Plans: Golden Scale Leggings Plans: Golden Scale Leggings

29Legs BlacksmithingDrop, Fishing

Plans: Green Iron Boots Plans: Green Iron Boots

24Feet BlacksmithingDrop

Plans: Green Iron Gauntlets Plans: Green Iron Gauntlets

25Hands BlacksmithingDrop

Plans: Green Iron Shoulders Plans: Green Iron Shoulders

27Shoulder BlacksmithingDrop, Fishing

Plans: Heavy Mithril Helm Plans: Heavy Mithril Helm

42Head BlacksmithingDrop

Plans: Heavy Mithril Pants Plans: Heavy Mithril Pants

40Legs BlacksmithingDrop

Plans: Imperial Plate Belt Plans: Imperial Plate Belt

47Waist BlacksmithingQuest

Plans: Imperial Plate Boots Plans: Imperial Plate Boots

54Feet BlacksmithingQuest

Plans: Imperial Plate Bracers Plans: Imperial Plate Bracers

49Wrist BlacksmithingQuest

Plans: Imperial Plate Chest Plans: Imperial Plate Chest

55Chest BlacksmithingQuest

Plans: Imperial Plate Helm Plans: Imperial Plate Helm

54Head BlacksmithingQuest

Plans: Imperial Plate Leggings Plans: Imperial Plate Leggings

56Legs BlacksmithingQuest

Plans: Imperial Plate Shoulders Plans: Imperial Plate Shoulders

47Shoulder BlacksmithingQuest

Plans: Iridescent Hammer Plans: Iridescent Hammer

23One-Hand BlacksmithingDrop

Plans: Iron Counterweight Plans: Iron Counterweight

0 BlacksmithingDrop, Fishing

Plans: Iron Shield Spike Plans: Iron Shield Spike

0 BlacksmithingDrop

Plans: Ironforge Breastplate Plans: Ironforge Breastplate

15Chest BlacksmithingQuest

Plans: Ironforge Breastplate Plans: Ironforge Breastplate

15Chest BlacksmithingQuest

Plans: Jade Serpentblade Plans: Jade Serpentblade

30One-Hand BlacksmithingDrop

Plans: Mighty Iron Hammer Plans: Mighty Iron Hammer

25Main Hand BlacksmithingDrop, Fishing

Plans: Mithril Spurs Plans: Mithril Spurs

0 BlacksmithingDrop
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