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WoW Weapons

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Fireguard Fireguard

70One-Hand SwordRecipe

Fist of Cenarius Fist of Cenarius

60Two-Hand MaceQuest

Flurry Axe Flurry Axe

42One-Hand AxeDrop

Fools Bane Fools Bane

70Main Hand MaceDrop

Gavel of Infinite Wisdom Gavel of Infinite Wisdom

60Main Hand MaceQuest

Gavel of Pure Light Gavel of Pure Light

70Main Hand MaceVendor

Gavel of Unearthed Secrets Gavel of Unearthed Secrets

70Main Hand MaceVendor

Gavel of Unearthed Secrets Gavel of Unearthed Secrets

70Main Hand MaceVendor

Gladiators Bonecracker Gladiators Bonecracker

70Off Hand MaceVendor, PvP

Gladiators Bonegrinder Gladiators Bonegrinder

70Two-Hand MaceVendor, PvP

Gladiators Cleaver Gladiators Cleaver

70One-Hand AxeVendor, PvP

Gladiators Decapitator Gladiators Decapitator

70Two-Hand AxeVendor, PvP

Gladiators Gavel Gladiators Gavel

70Main Hand MaceVendor, PvP

Gladiators Greatsword Gladiators Greatsword

70Two-Hand SwordVendor, PvP

Gladiators Hacker Gladiators Hacker

70Off Hand AxeVendor, PvP

Gladiators Heavy Crossbow Gladiators Heavy Crossbow

70 CrossbowVendor, PvP

Gladiators Left Ripper Gladiators Left Ripper

70Off Hand Fist WeaponVendor, PvP

Gladiators Maul Gladiators Maul

70Two-Hand MaceVendor, PvP

Gladiators Painsaw Gladiators Painsaw

70Two-Hand PolearmVendor, PvP

Gladiators Pummeler Gladiators Pummeler

70One-Hand MaceVendor, PvP

Gladiators Quickblade Gladiators Quickblade

70Off Hand SwordVendor, PvP

Gladiators Right Ripper Gladiators Right Ripper

70Main Hand Fist WeaponVendor, PvP

Gladiators Salvation Gladiators Salvation

70Main Hand MaceVendor, PvP

Gladiators Shanker Gladiators Shanker

70One-Hand DaggerVendor, PvP

Gladiators Shiv Gladiators Shiv

70Off Hand DaggerVendor, PvP

Gladiators Slicer Gladiators Slicer

70One-Hand SwordVendor, PvP

Gladiators Spellblade Gladiators Spellblade

70Main Hand DaggerVendor, PvP

Gladiators Touch of Defeat Gladiators Touch of Defeat

70 WandPvP

Gladiators War Edge Gladiators War Edge

70 ThrownVendor, PvP

Gladiators War Staff Gladiators War Staff

70Two-Hand StaffVendor, PvP

Glaive of the Pit Glaive of the Pit

70Two-Hand PolearmDrop

Glowing Brightwood Staff Glowing Brightwood Staff

49Two-Hand StaffDrop

Gorehowl Gorehowl

70Two-Hand AxeDrop

Grand Marshals Battle Hammer Grand Marshals Battle Hammer

60Two-Hand MaceVendor, PvP

Grand Marshals Bullseye Grand Marshals Bullseye

60Ranged BowVendor, PvP

Grand Marshals Claymore Grand Marshals Claymore

60Two-Hand SwordVendor, PvP

Grand Marshals Demolisher Grand Marshals Demolisher

60Two-Hand MaceVendor, PvP

Grand Marshals Dirk Grand Marshals Dirk

60One-Hand DaggerVendor, PvP

Grand Marshals Glaive Grand Marshals Glaive

60Two-Hand PolearmVendor, PvP

Grand Marshals Hand Cannon Grand Marshals Hand Cannon

60 GunVendor, PvP

Grand Marshals Handaxe Grand Marshals Handaxe

60One-Hand AxeVendor, PvP

Grand Marshals Left Hand Blade Grand Marshals Left Hand Blade

60Off Hand Fist WeaponVendor, PvP

Grand Marshals Longsword Grand Marshals Longsword

60One-Hand SwordVendor, PvP

Grand Marshals Mageblade Grand Marshals Mageblade

60Main Hand DaggerVendor, PvP

Grand Marshals Punisher Grand Marshals Punisher

60One-Hand MaceVendor, PvP

Grand Marshals Repeater Grand Marshals Repeater

60 CrossbowVendor, PvP

Grand Marshals Right Hand Blade Grand Marshals Right Hand Blade

60Main Hand Fist WeaponVendor, PvP

Grand Marshals Stave Grand Marshals Stave

60Two-Hand StaffVendor, PvP

Grand Marshals Sunderer Grand Marshals Sunderer

60Two-Hand AxeVendor, PvP

Grand Marshals Swiftblade Grand Marshals Swiftblade

60One-Hand SwordVendor, PvP
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