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WoW Weapons

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Grand Marshals Warhammer Grand Marshals Warhammer

60Main Hand MaceVendor, PvP

Gressil, Dawn of Ruin Gressil, Dawn of Ruin

60One-Hand SwordVendor, Drop

Guile of Khoraazi Guile of Khoraazi

70One-Hand DaggerVendor

Gurubashi Dwarf Destroyer Gurubashi Dwarf Destroyer

60 GunDrop

Gut Ripper Gut Ripper

40One-Hand DaggerDrop

Gutgore Ripper Gutgore Ripper

60One-Hand DaggerDrop

Gyro-balanced Khorium Destroyer Gyro-balanced Khorium Destroyer

70 GunRecipe

Halberd of Desolation Halberd of Desolation

70Two-Hand PolearmDrop

Halberd of Smiting Halberd of Smiting

60Two-Hand PolearmDrop

Hammer of Atonement Hammer of Atonement

70Main Hand MaceDrop

Hammer of Bestial Fury Hammer of Bestial Fury

60Main Hand MaceDrop

Hammer of Expertise Hammer of Expertise

40Main Hand MaceSpell

Hammer of Jizhi Hammer of Jizhi

60Two-Hand MaceDrop

Hammer of the Gathering Storm Hammer of the Gathering Storm

60Main Hand MaceQuest

Hammer of the Naaru Hammer of the Naaru

70Two-Hand MaceDrop

Hammer of the Northern Wind Hammer of the Northern Wind

49Main Hand MaceDrop

Hammer of the Twisting Nether Hammer of the Twisting Nether

60Main Hand MaceDrop

Hand of Edward the Odd Hand of Edward the Odd

57Main Hand MaceDrop

Hand of Eternity Hand of Eternity

70Main Hand MaceRecipe

Harbinger of Doom Harbinger of Doom

60One-Hand DaggerDrop

Hatchet of Sundered Bone Hatchet of Sundered Bone

60One-Hand AxeDrop

Headmasters Charge Headmasters Charge

57Two-Hand StaffDrop

Heartrazor Heartrazor

70One-Hand Dagger

Heartstriker Heartstriker

60Ranged BowDrop

Herald of Woe Herald of Woe

60Two-Hand MaceDrop

High Warlords Battle Axe High Warlords Battle Axe

60Two-Hand AxeVendor, PvP

High Warlords Battle Mace High Warlords Battle Mace

60Main Hand Mace

High Warlords Blade High Warlords Blade

60One-Hand SwordVendor, PvP

High Warlords Bludgeon High Warlords Bludgeon

60One-Hand MaceVendor, PvP

High Warlords Cleaver High Warlords Cleaver

60One-Hand AxeVendor, PvP

High Warlords Crossbow High Warlords Crossbow

60 CrossbowVendor, PvP

High Warlords Destroyer High Warlords Destroyer

60Two-Hand MacePvP

High Warlords Greatsword High Warlords Greatsword

60Two-Hand SwordVendor, PvP

High Warlords Left Claw High Warlords Left Claw

60Off Hand Fist WeaponVendor, PvP

High Warlords Pig Sticker High Warlords Pig Sticker

60Two-Hand PolearmVendor, PvP

High Warlords Pulverizer High Warlords Pulverizer

60Two-Hand MaceVendor, PvP

High Warlords Quickblade High Warlords Quickblade

60One-Hand SwordVendor

High Warlords Razor High Warlords Razor

60One-Hand DaggerVendor, PvP

High Warlords Recurve High Warlords Recurve

60Ranged BowVendor, PvP

High Warlords Right Claw High Warlords Right Claw

60Main Hand Fist WeaponVendor, PvP

High Warlords Spellblade High Warlords Spellblade

60Main Hand Dagger

High Warlords Street Sweeper High Warlords Street Sweeper

60 GunVendor, PvP

High Warlords War Staff High Warlords War Staff

60Two-Hand StaffVendor, PvP

Honors Call Honors Call

70One-Hand SwordVendor

Hope Ender Hope Ender

70One-Hand SwordDrop

Huhurans Stinger Huhurans Stinger

60Ranged BowDrop

Hurricane Hurricane

48Ranged BowDrop

Iblis, Blade of the Fallen Seraph Iblis, Blade of the Fallen Seraph

60One-Hand SwordVendor, Drop

Ironbark Staff Ironbark Staff

60Two-Hand StaffVendor, PvP

Ironfoe Ironfoe

55Main Hand MaceDrop
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